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Parlez-vous français?

Je comprends et parle français, mais je ne suis pas complètement à l'aise. Je serais heureuse de pratiquer mon français avec vous si vous pouvez être patient avec mes efforts.

Can I book an appointment shorter than an  hour?

For first encounters, I do not offer sessions of less than an hour as I do not like to feel rushed in getting to know each other. If we have met before, a half hour session may be possible.

Can I approach you if I see you in public?

I have a deep respect for privacy, both yours and mine. I ask that you do not approach me if you see me in public, even if we know each other well. I will never contact you except to confirm appointment details or approach you if I see you in public, unless you have given me explicit permission to do so.

Do you require a deposit for booking?

I require deposits via PayPal in the following cases:

  • for new clients without a reference

  • for appointments outside the Montreal downtown area

  • if you have cancelled or rescheduled appointments in the past

  • for all appointments when I am on tour

  • for travel and FMTY packages

Deposits will only be refunded if I cancel our appointment.

Can I bring a gift?

Gift giving is one of my love languages and I am always delighted to receive a small token of appreciation. That said, I am a bit of a minimalist and try to be selective about the items I collect. For this reason, I have created a Gift Guide page to help you with your selection.

What will you wear?

I generally dress quite casually. You can expect me to show up in jeans and a T-shirt, unless otherwise requested. If we are meeting at a nice restaurant or other formal venue, I will dress for the occasion.


Underneath, I typically wear a simple matching bra & panties set. If you would like me to wear stockings or a specific piece of lingerie you've seen in my photos, please let me know. I always welcome outfit requests both in regards to the lingerie I wear and the clothes I wear over them.

Can I see what your face looks like before I book?

I have chosen to blur my face and tattoos in my photos because I deeply value privacy, both my own and that of others. For the protection of my own privacy, I unfortunately cannot reveal my face to you before our meeting.

To provide a brief description of what I look like: my most prominent features include my big eyes, dark eyebrows, high cheekbones, and my dimples. The celebrity I am most often compared to is the French actress Audrey Tautou.

I called/emailed/texted you and I never heard back...

There are several reasons you may have not received a reply when you contacted me. These reasons include:.

  • You did not provide the necessary information. I generally do not respond to texts and emails saying simply "hello" or "when are you available?". When you contact me, please be sure to include all the information I will need to schedule an appointment: the date, time, and duration you are requesting, as well as incall/outcall and any specific requests you have for our time together. It also doesn't hurt to introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you, if you want to be prioritized.

  • You asked a question that is clearly answered on my website. I put a lot of time into my website, and it is linked to every ad and profile I've put up elsewhere. I generally find it disrespectful to be contacted with questions that are clearly answered on my website such as, "What are your rates?" and I do not prioritize responding to such questions.

  • Your request is too vague. Be sure to be specific in what you are asking for. Emails such as "I want to meet with you" and even questions such as "What services do you offer?" are vague and difficult to answer. Try instead something like "I want to meet with you on x date for 2 hours. Do you have any availability that day?" and "Do you offer x service?".

If you wrote me a clear and respectful email and have yet to hear back, chances are I will get back to you soon. If you've been waiting more than 4 days for a reply, please contact me again, as I may have just missed your email.

What services do you offer? / What are your restrictions?

I do not have a list of services or restrictions on my website, because I believe the list of things two (or more) people can do together is endless, and I'm not comfortable giving overarching consent to everything that is not on a pre-made list of restrictions. I ask that during a session, you communicate clearly; simply ask for what you want and be prepared for a yes or no answer, depending on my preferences and comfort level. You can expect the same respect and clear communication from me. If there is a specific service you want to make sure will be available before you book, please contact me and ask!

Do you accept American cash?

I accept American currency at a 1:1 ratio. So a booking that is regularly 550 CAD will be 550 USD if you choose to pay with American cash.

I would like to book you, but I live in another city...

If you are interested in bringing me to you, I have travel and Fly Me To You packages available upon request.

I also tour sometimes and all of my upcoming tours will be listed on my Tours page. If you would like to be notified when I visit your city, you can sign up for my Touring Newsletter

Can I use you as a reference?

Every client I meet with is welcome to list me as a reference for another provider; there is no need to reach out to me ahead of time. Please note that for me, a reference does not imply an endorsement - I will share honestly whether I found you respectful, punctual, and hygienic. I will not share any unnecessary or intimate details about our time together.

Where can I keep up with you?

I update my website often, so any information found here is usually up to date​. The best place to see general updates is on my Twitter.

I do not send out a regular newsletter, but if you would like to receive an email when I am visiting your city, you can sign up for my Touring Newsletter.

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