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My Favourite Things

Gifts are never expected, but for those of you who wish to share a token of you appreciation, I hope this page can help guide your selection.

As a general rule, I prefer to spend my own money on and receive gifts from companies that are somewhat ethical, sustainable, and/or local. This means that as much as I appreciate the sweet gesture, and I understand it's meant to be a "buy anything" gift, I don't generally want Amazon gift cards. However, I've listed many other gift options below, in order to make your selection as easy as possible.

I realize that completely ethical consumption is impossible, but I do my best and I really appreciate the effort from others as well!

Feed Me

If you want to bring food to our date, please note I am a vegetarian. I LOVE nice cheeses, dark chocolate, and all kinds of fruitTo drink, I enjoy red wine, gin, whisky, dark coffee, and sparkling water.

Some of my favourite vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Montreal are Sushi Momo, ChuChaiLOVle Nil Bleu, and Foxy. I also adore trying new places, so please do not hesitate to take me to any restaurant that has some vegetarian options!

Dress Me

Shoe size: 7

Dress size: 6-8

Bras: 34DD

Panties: Medium

I generally prefer to wear black and other dark colours. I tend to like simpler designs.

Some lingerie brands that I love are BordelleAyten Gasson, AnekdotHopeless LingerieLonely Label, and cantiqLA. Some clothing brands I like are Reformation, KOTNFrank And OakBetina Lou, and Selfish Swimwear.


Pamper Me

Help me relax with a treatment from Spa Scandinave, or another spa/salon in Montreal.


I also love products from BKindRocky Mountain Soap Company, Lush, Cheekbone Beauty, and t. lees.



One of the best gifts you could give me is giving back to people and organizations that need it more than me. Some of my favourite organizations are: The Native Women's Shelter of Montreal, CACTUSStella, and the Black Healing Fund.


Some other things I will always love to receive:

  • house plants

  • scented candles

  • handmade goods (or an Etsy gift card to choose my own)

  • gift cards for local book stores such as l'Euguélionne or Drawn & Quarterly

  • Sex toys or gift cards for local sex shops

  • A session with another provider (ask me who I'm crushing on!)

If you want to get me something you can be absolutely sure I will love, you can buy something directly from my Wish List!

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